Organizational Trust Index: Measure the Trust Capital to build a High Performance Workplace

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According to the Edelman “Trust Barometer” (a survey of 33,000 people in 28 countries), 1 in 3 employees don’t trust their employer (low organizational trust, in other words). Interestingly, the same research also highlights that trust decreases from top positions to the lowest. For instance, 64% of executives trust their organizations, while only 51% of managers and 48% of other staff trust their organizations. Surely, the trust factor will only diminish eventually at the grassroot level, which holds the key to critical moments of trust, & critical business metrics of C-SAT, NPS etc.

To our advantage, there has been phenomenal work at neuroscientific level in lead drivers of trust, objectively measuring it & specific behaviors that directly influence the lead trust drivers. There is validated research & data from Harvard Business ReviewSHRMGreat Place to WorkAccentureGallup and Trust Edge that prove the benefits of building highly-trusted workplace.

Drawing upon validated research, The Organizational Trust Index assists organizations in objectively measuring 9 crucial behaviors required to build of trust. Yes, validated at neuroscience level, there are exactly (& only) 9 key elements that result in trust & trust building (also see, OKR’s – which equally resonate well with similar set of behaviors), thus The Organizational Trust Index enables Leaders in determining level of trust in organization and how best to build upon organization’s foundation of trust.

To determine Organizational Trust Index, the 9 key elements which directly influencing trust drivers are: Recognizing Excellence Socially, Induce Challenge Stress, Autonomy, Self Management, Openness, Caring, Mastery, Authentic & Psychological Safety. Also see, Organizational Trust (& not Organizational Engagement) : An absolute essential to building High Performance Organization for an elaborated read at The Brew on each of the elements & key behaviors influencing these elements lead to an objective measure of Organizational Trust Index.

The Organizational Trust Index enables Organizations & Leaders with the following:

  1. Ascertain the current state of trust & culture of trust building – At an Aggregate level (with an objective Organizational Trust score) & Elemental Level (Excellence Recognition, Challenge Stress, Autonomy etc.)
  2. Identify specific strategies for building trust at the workplace, improving Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Effectiveness & Performance (at Aggregate Level & at Individual Element Level)
  3. Determination of ‘end state’ , basis the organizational context, growth goals, talent target groups & industry competitiveness
  4. Optimal Organizational Trust building strategy for the current stage
  5. Along with enabling organizations to ascertain their current score, the index helps with inputs and ‘must haves’ for a plan of upward progression

Why take Organizational Trust Index, to enhance your Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Effectiveness & Performance?

  1. Enables Leaders & Organizations to build high performance diverse workplaces, which attracts – retains – keeps engaged high quality diverse talent – identify root causes & improvements in innovation, profitability & revenues
  2. To understand & map the organizational culture, confidence, investedness & stickiness with respect to what keeps employees ticking internally, Trust !!
  3. Inspire higher levels of motivation, productivity, and workplace satisfaction
  4. Build competitive advantage & drive better business performance and outcomes, demonstrating a successful culmination of Leadership Practices, Organizational Practices & human capital potential

About Trust & Organizational Trust

Trust or lack thereof, has a measurable impact across all the critical metrics & indicators of an organization. What is profoundly surprising is that even though we intuitively know that trust is important (in addition to above scientific validations). Having said that, before the early years of millennia, we were yet to determine consistent methodology to measure the trust factor within an organization. Until then Organizations have relied upon pseudo markers of customer loyalty surveys or employee engagement & satisfaction surveys to determine how employees perceive the organizational sentiments & behaviors.

Dr. Paul Zak, in his insightful research on The Neuroscience of Trust (2017), quantifies the characteristics of trust at workplace: Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report: 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 13% fewer sick days, 76% more engagement, 29% more satisfaction with their lives, 40% less burnout. This is equally corroborated by another of most comprehensive evidence based studies undertaken by Google – Project Aristotle’s goal was to answer the question, ‘What makes a team effective at Google ?’. Psychological Safety, Dependability, Structure & Clarity, Meaning, and Impact were the driving factors to determine team’s effectiveness. Not surprisingly, the first 3 elements are closely related to culture of building trust.

About The Brew

The Brew, enables high impact solutions on levers of human capital, enhancing organizational performance – capability – effectiveness yield, basing to build high performance teams & sustainable high impact workplaces, with ultimate objective to create competitive advantages. Be it building high performing workplaces, or high potential teams, improving organizational effectiveness, or organizational trust, engagement, embedded-ness, culture or to improve business outcomes, human capital ROI – we leverage our demonstrated competence in these outcomes to transform organization. Check out The Brew & The Brew Store for further info.


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How can The Brew afford to offer such a detailed service to organizations for such a low price?

After decade of working with high performance – high growth organizations on a fully customized basis, we figured out that we the had the apt technology and processes needed to make our high impact domain expertise available & open to all kinds of organizations, especially, the aspirational high potential & high performance workplaces.

Can I see the survey questions and/or a sample report?

Being in IP sensitive domain, sharing a sample report or questions is a definite challenge. But over years of our experiences have taught us 2 things: a) Clients & Prospective Clients appreciate this, given the commonality of similar challenges faced in their business; b) At The Brew, all of our clients have seen substantial value additions, with respective usage of our products and/or services, so much so that ROI for The Brew is in factor multiples.

Remember, We are the experts, you have access to us, & we will not stop until you get to, where you want to be.

What if I want to run the survey again to see how my scores change?

Excellent idea! It’s good to check again, as your organization evolves. We offer discounted rates for sticking with The Brew & maximizing the ROI of trust invested in us.

Who do I contact to ask more questions?

If you have further questions, connect with The Brew here or email us and we’ll get back to you within two business days.

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  • Content
  • Setup and Administration
  • Report


This version of the product includes core questions, covering everything from existing observable practice levels to expected behaviors, prescribed by organization. We have developed this core through years of detailed research across hundreds of clients on the most important drivers for both financial outcomes and capability maturity of practice levels.

All questions are multiple choice and almost all use the same 5-point scale. Best of all, you can finish this survey within 5 to 7 minutes. It really is that simple.

Setup & Administration

The process follows these steps:

  1. Sign up & Enrollment is quick and easy. Post Payment, we’ll send you a step-by-step guide along with the custom survey link.
  2. Launch the survey, keying in your responses for respective questions. Post successful submission, we analyze the inputs, create your report, and send it directly to you.
  3. Open the report, study the results, and get ready to improve your business!


You’ll receive your PDF report by email, within 10 business days of successful submission.

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This package includes everything you need:

  • A highly condensed, validated capsule of questions in the form of survey, available in English (to be translated to multiple languages soon)
  • Complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • Straightforward results delivered within 10 business days of survey close

Category: Product

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